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Rachel Cruz talks about 5 Amazon products you should never buy

©Rachel Crews

©Rachel Crews

Amazon makes shopping very convenient, but not every purchase is a smart purchase. In a recent interview, money expert and best-selling author Rachel Crews spoke with lifestyle blogger Callie Branciforte about products to avoid on major retail websites.

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In an interview with Cruze, Branciforte talks about five Amazon products you should think twice about adding to your cart.

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Products under $5

Branciforte warns against impulse purchases of products sold at very low prices on Amazon. “Anytime you have to buy something under $5, they try to make you buy it in bulk, because they don’t want to send you something that’s only $5,” she explained. You can easily end up getting more than you need. She advised finding the right amount of useful household items elsewhere, if possible, to avoid waste and clutter.

complex electronic toys

According to Branciforte, children’s electronic toys sold on Amazon often come with many additional parts and accessories. However, most children end up playing with only one or two features. “I always try to avoid that convenience,” she said. “Amazon is great, but it’s not always great if you get too caught up in the convenience,” Branciforte said of her temptation to overbuy. First, consider checking toy store prices for simpler, higher-quality versions.

large kitchen appliances

Small countertop kitchen appliances are available at affordable prices on Amazon. But for larger, more expensive machines, Branciforte suggests he first compare to stores like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. She lists an Amazon shopping hack that makes it easy to check prices on a variety of her websites before deciding where to find the best deals.

third party cosmetics

Both experts caution against buying branded cosmetics from Amazon resellers rather than directly from the brand’s store page. Counterfeit products with altered formulations or inferior quality are common. “I have friends who bought their favorite product and thought, ‘Wait, they changed the formula?’ ‘Because it was an imitation,'” Branciforte said. She advised sticking to name brand sellers like Maybelline and L’Oréal to avoid makeup mistakes.

Apple and Google devices

In fact, in 2016 Apple sued Amazon over counterfeit iPhone chargers sold under the Apple brand. Branciforte agrees that, especially his Apple and Google products, he might be better off buying directly than on Amazon. Competition from Amazon’s own tablets and devices increases your chances of encountering fraudulent listings. Don’t risk questionable technology accessories.

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