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OMAIA Dish Soap Dispenser and Hand Soap Dispenser Set with Sponge Caddy and Brush Holder – Organizer for Kitchen Sink – Useful Kitchen Gadgets – Black


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Product Description


Dish Soap Dispenser Dish Soap Dispenser


Let’s face it, washing dishes is boring, monotonous work. It’s a chore that lots of people put off for as long as possible, especially since it usually ends up creating another mess that you’ll have to clean once done. Having to stop every now and then to squeeze some dish soap from a bottle, splashing water all over the place–it’s frustrating enough to make you give up. But don’t worry, because we have something that can make things much more convenient.

This 4-in-1 Kitchen Soap Dispenser Set by OMAIA is a must-have for any home!

kitchen soap dispenser with sponge holderkitchen soap dispenser with sponge holder


One of the things that makes washing dishes so tedious is having to constantly reapply soap to your sponge – it disrupts your momentum and often creates splashes all over the sink area. But by using our this dispenser, you can now do it with just one hand! Simply press on the top of the dispenser with your sponge until as much soap as you need comes out. It’s that simple!

soap dispensersoap dispenser


The 24 oz dish soap dispenser is useful enough on its own, but we have also added several other items to give you even better bang for your buck. There’s a convenient sponge caddy, a standing 24 oz hand dispenser that you can fill with liquid soap or other products, won’t be disappointed!

soap dispenser with sponge holdersoap dispenser with sponge holder


Do you hate it when you accidentally knock your bottle of dish soap over? Tired of constantly having to wipe up spills? If so, you’ll love how much neater and more organized the whole sink area will be once you switch to our dispenser bundle. Not only do these products have a more compact size to take up less space, they also help prevent messes thanks to how easy they are to use and access.

dispensador de jabon liquido para cocina

dispensador de jabon liquido para cocina

Kitchen soap dispenser

Kitchen soap dispenser

soap dispenser with sponge holder

soap dispenser with sponge holder


The large capacity of our dispensers help minimize the need for frequent refills, but when the dish soap does run out, refilling them is a breeze! You can easily take off the sponge holder and pump to access the insides.

This also makes our dispensers easy to clean when needed. Just disassemble them and give each layer a thorough washing. You’ll love how little fuss these kitchen accessories give you.


When it comes to household items that you use every day, sturdiness is important. Dispensers should last for thousands of pumps! That’s why we use durable non rusted plastic in our products. These materials are also food-grade, which means you don’t have to worry about them leaching any BPAs or other potentially harmful chemicals into their contents. If reliability is what you seek, you can’t go wrong with our set.


If you’re looking for a housewarming present that’s sure to get plenty of use instead of just ending up as additional clutter in their homes, our 4-in-1 kitchen soap dispenser set fits the bill perfectly. After all, everyone likes things that make their daily chores much more convenient. Our bundle is a simple yet versatile gift that shows people just how thoughtful you are!

Cleaning Dishes Made Easy – Save time and energy by using this dish soap dispenser! Just press down on it with a sponge and the pump will release as much soap as you need–no fuss, no messes.
Experience the unparalleled convenience of this dispenser’s dual pump system! Boasting a smart design with two separate soap bottles, clearly labeled for hand soap and dish soap with corresponding icons, this dispenser redefines flexibility and ease of use. The dual pump functionality allows you to effortlessly switch between different soaps, ensuring that you have the right soap for every task at your fingertips. It’s a brilliantly crafted solution that enhances both convenience and versatility in your daily routine.
Simplify your cleaning routine with this dual-pump soap dispenser! The removable design of the soap bottle and drainage base makes cleaning a breeze. The drainage base collects residual dirt and water, keeping your countertop dry. Pour out stored water or disassemble for a thorough clean. Compact and versatile, it’s ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and sinks. Elevate your soap dispensing and cleaning experience – purchase now!
Streamline your kitchen with the 4-in-1 multi-functional design of this dispenser! Store hand soap, dishwashing liquid, and neatly place sponges and brushes all in one modern unit. No more searching for cleaning supplies; this convenient design enhances efficiency and makes kitchen cleaning a breeze!
Optimize your soap choices with the dual pump design of this dispenser! Featuring two separate soap bottles for hand soap and dish soap, each equipped with clear text icons for easy identification. This dual pump design enhances convenience and flexibility, allowing you to effortlessly select the desired soap according to your needs. Streamline your routine with this versatile and convenient solution!

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OMAIA Dish Soap Dispenser and Hand Soap Dispenser Set with Sponge Caddy and Brush Holder – Organizer for Kitchen Sink – Useful Kitchen Gadgets – Black
OMAIA Dish Soap Dispenser and Hand Soap Dispenser Set with Sponge Caddy and Brush Holder – Organizer for Kitchen Sink – Useful Kitchen Gadgets – Black


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