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How to trade in your old electronics and earn an Amazon gift card

When you no longer use your device, it can be difficult to decide what to do with it, whether to get your money back or dispose of it through a recycling program.

of Amazon trade-in program We provide easy and straightforward solutions. As part of Amazon’s goals, more sustainable business For you and the planet, our trade-in program takes unused devices and restores them, making them suitable for resale or recycling.

Customers who trade in items receive digital gift cards to reduce potential e-waste, while customers who purchase restored items save money and gain satisfaction. Continue to use the product.

Additionally, if your trade-in device is no longer in good enough condition to be resold, Amazon can help send it to an Amazon-approved recycler. You may also receive promotional discounts for shipping items.

Before you throw away your electronics, check out Amazon Trade-in to get the most out of your old items.

How do Amazon trade-ins work?

Illustration of a shopping bag with a recycle symbol next to the text "Refurbish or recycle eligible devices received through trade-in"

The Amazon trade-in process takes just a few steps. beginning, Check if you own an eligible device here.

Then, answer a few questions about the condition of your item and trade it in. You can return your device in the following ways: Free drop-off at hundreds of participating locations Or return it for free within 45 days. You will receive a confirmation email with a free shipping label. Please make sure to unregister or unlock your device before shipping.

After you ship your item, it takes time for Amazon to receive, process, and evaluate your trade-in.You can check the status of your items Trade-in account.

Finally, you’ll receive your trade-in value in the form of an Amazon gift card. On select products, you may also be eligible for a limited-time promotional discount of up to 20% off new eligible Amazon devices.

What items can I trade in?

You can send many different types of products to Amazon Trade-in.

  • Kindle e-book reader
  • Tablets such as Fire tablets and iPads
  • Streaming media players such as Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, and Apple TV
  • echo devices, bluetooth speakers, headphones
  • Home security devices like Ring, Arlo, etc.
  • wireless router
  • Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, Motorola mobile phones
  • Game consoles, games, and accessories such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo
An image of a Ring device.

How does Amazon determine the trade-in value of my product?

Trade-in value varies by device model, manufacturer, and condition. Specific criteria vary by device and include whether the device still works and can maintain a charge, whether the screen is damaged or cracked, and whether you also send any included accessories (cords, mounts, etc.) It will be.View complete criteria Click here for electronic equipment and Click here for video games.

Once our team receives and further inspects your item, we may need to adjust the value of your item. Before you send, you can choose to accept the adjusted value or send it back for free.

Is shipping free of charge for traded-in items?

There is no cost to ship the item, but you will need to provide your own packaging materials (recommended) Reuse old Amazon boxes!). We will send you a prepaid shipping label to print. Or, if you prefer, you can take your trade-in device into a store. Participating location It’s free and saves you the hassle of packing boxes and printing labels.

If you choose to return the item, there will be no return shipping charges.

When will I be paid for my trade-in item?

Depending on the estimated value of your trade-in device, you may be able to receive payment immediately. If you do not support immediate payment and have your device mailed to you, it may take up to 15 business days.If you bring your trade-in to the store Participating locationitems will be processed the same day.

Over-the-shoulder shot of people holding electronic devices that can be traded in and recycled through Amazon's trade-in program

How will I be paid for my trade-in item?

Payments are made in the form of digital Amazon gift cards. For eligible items, you may also receive a promotional discount towards the purchase of a new device. Promotional discounts are limited to one per customer account, per device category, and per calendar quarter.

Can I trade in the product in person without shipping it?

yes! Amazon devices are available for in-person trade-in at a chosen location. At the store, a representative will review your trade-in item and review or provide you with the latest trade-in offers. You must bring your phone or enter your order number to complete your trade-in order.

Can you recycle your device instead?

yes! Mail your small household electronics or drop them off at participating stores for recycling. To mail, Request a free shipping label by answering a few quick questions. If you would like to pick it up at the store, Staple position or Fixed Asurion/uBreaki location It’s near you.

Earn rewards and start reducing your environmental impact. Amazon Trade-in Program today.

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