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How to sell on Amazon International Marketplace

Amazon has 21 marketplaces around the world, all of which allow third-party sellers to list and sell products. And through these marketplaces, Amazon offers over 350 million products.

So what is Amazon’s global marketplace? What is the difference? And how do you start selling on Amazon? Let’s explore the data.

Amazon’s Global Marketplace

Amazon also announced plans to launch Amazon South Africa in 2024.

How do I sell on Amazon’s international marketplace?

With the exception of some of Amazon’s marketplaces, shoppers who visit Amazon’s online store can discover and purchase a variety of products, from e-books to kitchenware and electronics. Once a purchase is completed, Amazon ships the item to the consumer through its fulfillment network.

However, while Amazon sells many of its own products (such as the Echo and Kindle), most of what is available on the site is sold by first-party or third-party vendors.

For first-party sellers, Amazon buys products wholesale from vendors and resells them.

Third-party vendors, on the other hand, have two ways to sell on Amazon.

  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) sellers store their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers and list their products on Amazon’s platform. Then, when a sale occurs, Amazon picks, packs, and ships the items on your behalf.
  • Sellers who use Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) list their products on Amazon, but store and ship their own products once a sale is made.

What do all Amazon marketplaces have in common?

To create the 2024 Amazon Seller Report, the Jungle Scout team surveyed thousands of Amazon sellers around the world about their experiences selling on Amazon. While there are some notable differences between many of the global marketplaces, there are also some striking similarities.

  • Many Amazon businesses sell on multiple marketplaces. 46% of Amazon sellers active in the US are also active in at least one other international market.
  • More Amazon sellers want to expand. 28% of Amazon sellers plan to expand their business internationally.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is the preferred selling method around the world. Over 82% of respondents use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), regardless of the marketplace they sell on.
  • Private label is the most popular business model. Almost all sellers (over 54%) across all markets prefer private label business models over all other sellers. (Private labeling is a way to manufacture and rebrand existing products for sale on Amazon.)
  • Home & Kitchen is the most popular category on Amazon. At least 35% of all Amazon sellers surveyed sell products in Amazon’s Home & Kitchen category, regardless of market.

Amazon Marketplace List

Exhibitors are listed in order of popularity. Monthly traffic estimates are obtained from similarweb.com.

north america amazon

Amazon North America, which covers the United States, Canada, and Mexico, is an Amazon integrated account.

Amazon US (amazon.com)

Traffic: 2.5 billion

Language: English

The first Amazon marketplace, Amazon in the US, is the most popular Amazon domain both in terms of traffic and seller popularity. Of all sellers surveyed, 77% said they sell on Amazon US Marketplace. And 56% of sellers who sell on amazon.com live in the United States.

Amazon Canada (amazon.ca)

Traffic: 186 million

Language: English

Canada is the second most popular market after the United States. 26% of Amazon sellers sell on Canadian marketplaces.

Amazon Mexico (amazon.com.mx)

Traffic: 103 million

Language: Spanish

Of all sellers surveyed, 11% sell on Amazon Mexico Marketplace.

amazon europe

Amazon Europe is an Amazon unified account that includes the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain. This type of account is available in 28 European countries.

Amazon Netherlands (formerly a digital e-book only platform) is not part of the Amazon integrated account, but is a full-service Amazon marketplace.

Amazon UK (amazon.co.uk)

Traffic: 369 million

Language: English

Amazon United Kingdom is the third most popular Amazon marketplace after the United States and Canada.

Amazon Germany (amazon.de)

Traffic: 440 million

Language: German

Based on traffic, Germany is Amazon’s busiest market, second only to the United States.

Amazon France (amazon.fr)

Traffic: 174 million

Language: French

Similar to Germany, the largest group of sellers on the French market is the UK (22%).

Amazon Italy (amazon.it)

Traffic: 173 million

Language: Italian

Only 9% of the Amazon sellers we surveyed sell on Amazon Italy.

Amazon Spain (amazon.es)

Traffic: 142 million

Language: Spanish

Before the introduction of Amazon Netherlands*, Amazon Spain had the lowest traffic volume of all European markets.

Dutch Amazon (amazon.nl)

Traffic: 27 million

Language: Dutch

Amazon Netherlands became a full-sized Amazon Marketplace on March 10, 2020. Previously, Amazon Netherlands only sold e-books.

Amazon Sweden (amazon.se)

Traffic: 14 million

Language: Swedish

As of October 28, 2020, Amazon Sweden is Amazon’s newest full-size marketplace and the seventh in Europe.

Amazon Poland (amazon.pl)

Traffic: 30 million U

Language: Polish

Amazon Poland launched on Tuesday, March 2, 2021.

Individual marketplace

Amazon Japan (amazon.co.jp)

Traffic: 974 million

Language: Japanese

Traffic to this marketplace has increased by over 40% over the past two years.

Amazon Singapore (amazon.sg)

Traffic: 7.18 million

Language: English

Amazon United Arab Emirates (amazon.ae)

Traffic: 30 million

Language: English

UAE Marketplace was launched in 2019 following the acquisition of Arabic online marketplace Souq by Amazon.

Amazon Brazil (amazon.com.br)

Traffic: 258 million

Language: Portuguese

8% of Brazilian sellers are Brazilian. Unlike other markets that prefer private label business models, Brazilian market sellers prefer wholesale and handmade.

Amazon Australia (amazon.com.au)

Traffic: 89 million

Language: English

Amazon Australia, which officially launched in 2017, has a wide range of sellers from different countries. The breakdown is as follows: 16% of Amazon Australia sellers are American, 25% are Chinese, and 19% are Australian.

Amazon India (amazon.in)

Traffic: 847 million

Language: English

In terms of traffic, India is the fifth largest market in the world.

Amazon Saudi Arabia (amazon.sa)

Traffic: 34 million

Language: Arabic

Amazon Marketplace in Saudi Arabia was launched on June 17, 2020.

Amazon Egypt (amazon.eg)

Traffic: 36 million

Language: Arabic

Amazon Marketplace in Egypt, formerly known as Souq.com, relaunched as Amazon on September 1, 2021. This marketplace features millions of products from local and international brands.

How to start selling on other marketplaces

Fortunately, Amazon offers a comprehensive global selling guide to help both experienced and new sellers start selling in foreign markets.

Amazon’s Global Selling Guide covers:

  • All marketplaces where third-party sellers can sell products
  • Product considerations
  • Language support considerations
  • Market entry strategy
  • taxes and regulations
  • How to set up an Amazon account in another country
  • Payment and how it works
  • Create a list

When should I start selling on other marketplaces?

Based on the country you’re in and where you’re already selling, we recommend the following strategies:

  • If you’re already selling in the US, you’ll remain in the US.
  • If you sell in the EU, try selling in the US as well.
  • If you sell in other countries, expand to the US or EU as well.

If you want to learn more about Amazon and its sellers, check out and download the 2023 State of Amazon Seller report.

Amazon seller status

Also, do you sell on multiple Amazon marketplaces? Have you had success? If you have any tips you would like to share, please add them in the comments below.

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