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Delivery tracking, order tracking, etc.

This holiday season, customers are busier than ever.whether you are looking for last minute giftwhen customers want to send a package to family or friends or surprise them with something “special,” customers turn to Amazon to make their lives easier with fast and free shipping options designed to meet all their needs. can.

To make your holiday shopping and shipping even easier, we offer a variety of convenient ways to bring smiles to your face. From knowing before you buy if your item will arrive before or after Christmas, to last-minute gifts available with same-day delivery, to real-time delivery tracking and tracking sharing, to convenient options that let you decide when and where to pick up your package (in your garage). (including delivery) and find out how we can help make your vacation as stress-free as possible.

Holiday delivery messages on search and details pages

Are you shopping for Christmas? If you need a special gift, look for the message “Arrival before Christmas” on the search page and product detail page. stocking stuffers It was delivered before Santa arrived.

Same Day Delivery and Same Day Holiday Gift Guide

Need last-minute gifts, Christmas stuffers, or holiday entertaining essentials delivered the same day? We’ve got you covered. Millions of items across top categories like electronics, beauty, toys, games, and more are eligible for same-day delivery (including Amazon.com gift cards).visit Amazon’s Same Day Holiday Gift Guide Find must-have items in top categories, delivered quickly with same-day delivery.

same day delivery is available in more than 90 metropolitan areas in the United States, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Denver, Kansas City, Phoenix, Orlando, Detroit, Miami, and Dallas.check whether Same-day delivery available in your area. You can also look for “Free Shipping Today” next to the product name when shopping across Amazon.

Another useful option is the new Same-day delivery or in-store pickup options from local retailers. This allows you to purchase and pick up products directly from popular brick-and-mortar retailers like Sur La Table, Fabletics, Tillys, and Office Depot. Take advantage of this shopping option on Amazon.com or through the Amazon mobile app. Orders can be picked up in-store within hours and delivered to your door as early as the same day.Please check if This option is available in your region.

Track deliveries in real time

Your smartphone will display live tracking of your Amazon deliveries.

To track your packages during delivery, use Amazon Map Tracking, reimagined as Santa’s sleigh for the holidays. To access Amazon Maps tracking, select truck package from Order Please visit the page or shipping confirmation email. On the day of your delivery, use the map to see when your driver will arrive. This is especially useful if you need to pick up a surprise package before it is delivered.

Share order tracking

Want to send a package to someone else? You can use Amazon Share Tracking to send tracking information to friends and family.Once your package has been shipped, please visit the following site Order Select the item you purchased on the Amazon shopping app, share tracking Send a link with tracking information via text, email, or messaging app like WhatsApp. If an item is marked as a gift at checkout, Amazon Share Tracking allows the recipient to virtually unwrap the item, send a thank you email, and send other gifts directly from her Amazon app. You can use the functions.

Receiving luggage

Need help keeping your presents a secret this year? Package pickup is secure and private, so you can be sure to surprise everything on your list. Unsurprisingly, December is one of the most popular months for customers to use our package pickup service.Find convenient pickup locations from thousands of networks amazon locker or counter.

Choose your delivery date with Amazon Day

If you’re traveling, want to make sure you’re home when your package arrives, or want to take advantage of a holiday sale but don’t need the item right away. amazon day Prime members can choose the specific days of the week that are best for them to receive their orders. And it’s completely free. It’s also great if you want to combine multiple orders into one delivery. In fact, Amazon Day deliveries use an average of 30% fewer boxes, saving him 180 million boxes in 2022.

In-garage delivery of Amazon keys

In-garage delivery of Amazon keys is a convenient and secure way for eligible Prime members to receive package and grocery deliveries safely in their garage. This option is available in over 5,000 cities in the United States, and all holiday deliveries are guaranteed to be delivered to your home upon arrival.Apply In-garage delivery of Amazon keys.

Learn how Amazon makes it Holiday shopping and delivery made even more convenient.

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