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Amazon will allow sellers to paste links so AI can create product pages

Amazon sellers will soon be able to create product pages by simply copying and pasting links.

Amazon is releasing a new generation AI feature that takes information from a seller’s external website and generates an Amazon product page for a product, complete with a written description and images. The goal is to help sellers reduce the time it takes to bring products from another website to Amazon, Mary Beth Westmoreland, Amazon’s vice president of worldwide reseller experience, said in a blog post. It states that this is true.

Amazon’s AI parses different links and generates product pages.
Image: Amazon

Amazon warns sellers that if you paste a URL to create a product page, you must be the owner, rights holder, or have a license to use the content of that link. Otherwise, Amazon could take legal action if sellers are found to be misrepresenting their website ownership. The Verge We reached out to Amazon for more information on the safety guidelines for this feature.

This feature is currently rolling out and will be available to US sellers in the coming weeks.

Westmoreland said sellers have embraced the AI ​​tools Amazon has introduced so far. For example, in his AI product text generation service at Amazon, “nearly 80%” of users accept AI-generated products with little human editing.

Amazon has been investing in generative AI across the company. The company’s cloud service AWS hosts several AI models and also offers a text-to-image generator. AWS powers AI on e-commerce platforms.

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