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Amazon seizes over 7 million counterfeit products in 2023 | Economy and Business

Amazon’s fight against counterfeit goods on its platform ended last year when it identified and seized 7 million products worldwide, 1 million more than in 2022. The company detected 700,000 new fraudulent account creation attempts, compared to 6 million in 2020, according to the company’s data. , when the company launched an anti-counterfeiting unit to address the issue.

among them Brand Protection ReportIn an announcement on Tuesday, the e-commerce company said that since the creation of the Amazon Counterfeit Crime Unit (CCU), it has pursued more than 21,000 bad actors through lawsuits and criminal referrals to law enforcement agencies. “In 2023, Amazon increased its cross-border anti-counterfeit cooperation with brands and Chinese law enforcement, resulting in more than 50 successful raids, more than 100 bad actors identified, and “Many of them are manufacturers, suppliers, or upstream distributors of counterfeit products,” Amazon Vice President Dharmesh Mehta said in a statement.

Amazon said its anti-fraud team is made up of 15,000 employees (including software developers, machine learning scientists, and researchers) and has invested approximately $1.2 billion in projects in 2023. are doing. The company believes these efforts are having a deterrent effect: Last year, Amazon detected 700,000 attempts to create accounts to sell counterfeit goods; In 2021, there were 2.5 million cases, and in 2020, there were 6 million cases.

The prevalence of counterfeit goods on online shopping platforms not only creates mistrust among buyers, but also puts technology companies at risk of being held accountable for crimes that may be committed on their websites. In the case of Amazon, this issue is closely related to the decision to open the platform to third-party sellers (who account for 58% of the products sold). Amazon has chosen to work more closely with brands and claims a 30% reduction in infringement complaints in 2023.

fake reviews

Fake reviews are another problem, and Amazon uses technology tools to stop the spread of fake reviews. In recent years, an illegal industry has emerged that exploits the value that reviews provide to consumers. These criminals directly target customers through their non-Amazon websites, social media channels, and messaging services and ask them to write fake reviews in exchange for money, free products, and other incentives.

One of the latest efforts was announced in March. Amazon has filed a lawsuit against the administrators of a Telegram group that operated under the name “Free Products” and promoted fake reviews from Spain. Spanish consumer watchdog OCU also sent a request to Telegram, which has now shut down the group. Administrators use encrypted instant messaging services to evade detection and guarantee full refunds for products if group members present proof of posting a 5-star review on the Spanish Amazon store did.

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