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Amazon releases 2023 Brand Protection Report

Almost 30 years ago, Amazon set out to become the most customer-centric company on the planet, where people could discover and buy the widest possible range of safe, authentic products. When you buy an item from our store, you know you’ll receive an authentic item, whether it’s sold by Amazon Retail or one of our millions of independent sellers. believe. And when businesses choose to sell on our store, they trust us to provide a great selling experience free of competition from bad actors. We understand that customer trust is hard to earn and easy to lose. That’s why trust is fundamental to the relationships we build and the innovations we make for our customers and distribution partners.

In 2023, Amazon will invest more than $1.2 billion and hire more than 15,000 people, including machine learning scientists, software developers, and expert researchers, to protect customers, brands, merchant partners, and stores from counterfeiting, fraud, and more. I devoted myself to that. Forms of abuse.

The success of our brand protection strategy continues to focus on four key areas: (1) strong and highly effective proactive efforts to protect our stores; (2) rights holders; industry-leading tools that enable customers to partner with us to more effectively protect their brands; 3) advances in holding bad actors accountable; and (4) improved customer protection and education. This is a long-standing effort, and we continue to have great success in deterring counterfeit products.

Here are some highlights from the 2023 Brand Protection Report.


1) Our innovation in merchant vetting helps stop bad actors from creating new merchant accounts.

Our Strong Seller Authentication uses document forgery detection, advanced image and video authentication, and other technologies to ensure the authenticity of government-issued IDs and the authenticity of their application for sale in our stores. Quickly see if you are matched with an individual. These technologies, coupled with continued innovation in machine learning-based detection, are stopping bad actors from creating new Amazon sales accounts. In 2023, Amazon stopped more than 700,000 malicious attempts to create new seller accounts, stopping them before they could sell a single item in their store. This is down from his 6 million attempts by bad actors to create new Amazon sales accounts in 2020.

2) Although the number of products available for sale in our stores continued to increase, the number of active infringement notices filed by brands decreased.

We continue to innovate and improve automated brand protection, leveraging the latest advances in artificial intelligence to stay ahead of emerging malicious attacker tactics. These advanced machine learning models use thousands of signals, including data provided by brands in brand registries, to protect your customers and your brand. In 2023, our team will use a variety of advanced machine learning models, including significant advances in computer vision and large-scale language models, to accurately detect complex visual intellectual property violations such as logos and shapes. We systematically detected different types of breaches, including improving the ability to ,pattern. These advances enable complex, repetitive tasks to be processed efficiently and accurately at scale. Since 2020, the number of products available for sale in our stores has increased significantly, but the total number of active infringement notices filed by brands has decreased by more than 30%.


3) Working with brands and law enforcement agencies around the world, we will continue to successfully hold more bad actors accountable and stop abuse of our and other retailers’ stores.

Our efforts to identify and dismantle counterfeit organizations are working and having a positive impact globally. Since its launch in 2020, Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit has tracked down more than 21,000 bad actors through lawsuits and criminal referrals to law enforcement. In 2023, we will identify, seize and properly dispose of more than 7 million counterfeit products worldwide that harm customers or are resold elsewhere in the retail supply chain. This was prevented. In addition to culling counterfeit products, Amazon will increase its cross-border anti-counterfeit cooperation with brands and Chinese law enforcement in 2023, resulting in more than 50 successful raids and the arrest of more than 100 people. The villain was identified and detained for interrogation. Manufacturer, supplier, or upstream distributor of counterfeit products. This cooperation resulted in numerous criminal convictions, including fines and prison terms.

4) We work with industry experts and organizations to educate consumers about the dangers of purchasing counterfeit products.

We recognize the importance of educating consumers about the risks of counterfeit products and continue to pursue various avenues to promote better consumer education. As an example, Amazon partnered with the International Trademark Association and DECA to launch the Unreal Campaign Challenge. The assignment asked students to create his 60-second video, a public service announcement about the dangers of purchasing counterfeit products. The Unreal Campaign Challenge was delivered to over 177,000 DECA members around the world, and the winner was recognized in front of 22,000 students at DECA’s annual International Career Development Conference.

We are proud of the progress we have made in preventing counterfeit products in our stores. This required significant innovation and would not have been possible without the partnerships we were able to build with brands, associations, policy makers, law enforcement and more. We believe we have made great progress, but we remain committed to innovation and will not rest until we have zero counterfeit products. Read the 2023 Brand Protection Report. More updates on these strategic focus areas and his progress in 2023 are included.

Read the full 2023 Brand Protection Report. here.

thank you,
Dharmesh Mehta
Vice President, Worldwide Selling Partner Services, Amazon

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