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Amazon product sales data: How accurate is it?

If you shop or sell on Amazon, you know that Amazon places product sales volume data in search results and below the title on product detail pages.

Have you ever seen? Currently, Amazon doesn’t provide much information, but it does provide an estimate of how many units of that product have been purchased over the past month.

This raises several questions.

  • Why would Amazon do this?
  • How accurate is Amazon’s sales data?
  • What should Amazon sellers know?

This article answers these questions and explains why. do not Replaces Jungle Scout and its reliable and accurate suite of tools. We will also continue to monitor and analyze new Amazon sales data to help you make impactful decisions for your business.

Why did Amazon add product sales data to the SERP?

Amazon likely added sales volume estimates to its search results pages in March 2023 as another validation tool for customers (rather than sellers). Similar to reviews, customers want to see social proof that other people are also buying this product.

If a customer sees a product that has been purchased over 1,000 times and a product that has been sold 200 times in the past month, they are likely to choose the former. (If a customer sees a product where she has 1,000 reviews and he has 200 reviews, he is more likely to buy the one with more reviews.)

This feature works with Jungle Scout’s product research tools, such as extensions and product databases, but it doesn’t provide nearly the same amount of important data as Jungle Scout.

For example, Amazon shows you the number of items purchased in the last month, while Extension shows you daily sales, monthly sales, revenue, net profit (with a profit calculator), net commission, sales ranking, and more.

The extension also displays historical sales graphs showing data such as units sold, sales rank, box purchase price, etc. directly on your product list. This makes Jungle Scout data far more valuable and impactful to your business than the data displayed by Amazon.

How does Amazon’s data compare to Jungle Scout’s data?

The numbers Amazon gives seem to be rough estimates (e.g. 800+) without additional context. In contrast, Jungle Scout provides sellers with accurate sales forecasts based on multiple data points and algorithms that predict average daily, weekly, and monthly sales for millions of Amazon products.

If you look at Seller Central’s exact sales numbers, Jungle Scout’s estimates, and Amazon’s numbers, the respective numbers are all pretty close, but Jungle Scout gives you more accurate numbers.

Amazon’s sales forecasting is so extensive that there are only so many contexts and examples you can explore. But let’s dig into some real sales data and compare accuracy.

Jungle Creations washable pee pad products had a total sales of 283 units in the past 30 days. Amazon’s quote for our product says “200+”, so Amazon isn’t too far from here.

These new Amazon sales data estimates are not 100% accurate, and this information is not available in Seller Central, so you know this feature is customer-centric. While it can be helpful as a direction, the big drawback is that sellers can only see sales forecasts for the past week or month. (I’ve seen both options appear to different people.)

If you are a seller, you should consider a longer time period so that you can be confident in the product you are evaluating before placing a large order. Additionally, sellers need to see more accurate numbers, as well as many other metrics, to make informed decisions.

Comparing Jungle Scout estimates to Seller Central sales data

Jungle Scout can provide estimates for a given data point for up to two years.

If you’re wondering how accurate our sales forecasts are, take a look at our washable pee pad sales forecast for the past 30 days.

March 9, 2024 – April 9, 2024

  • Number of sales
  • Seller Central: 268
  • Jungle Scout (product tracker): 278
  • Difference: 3.6%

You can see that Seller Central shows a total of 268 ordered items from March 9th to April 9th. During the same period, Jungle Scout estimates that 278 of his pieces were sold. 3.6% difference.

This is just one example of the low margin of error for Jungle Scout estimates, giving you confidence that you can trust Jungle Scout data when making important business decisions.

Sales can vary significantly from month to month or even week to week. This is why it is so important to view historical data over a longer period of time, rather than just the past week or his month.

This is only available with tools like Jungle Scout Not from these new estimates provided by Amazon.

Get accurate Amazon data with Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout’s industry-leading Amazon intelligence tools help sellers make accurate, data-driven decisions to grow their business.

When it comes to sales forecasting and product research, Jungle Scout is number one. Even though Amazon provides sales volume estimates, sellers can benefit from Jungle Scout’s suite of tools when gathering insights and data about potential product launches.

Here are some other tools Jungle Scout offers when it comes to estimating sales and researching new product ideas.

  • product database. Uncover profitable opportunities on Amazon with advanced filters.
  • opportunity finder. Find profitable niches by searching for keywords with high demand and low competition.
  • product tracker. Easily organize, group, and compare product ideas and sales metrics.
  • keyword scout. Instantly discover high-converting keywords for your listings and gain important insight into your competitors’ keyword strategies.
  • expansion. Evaluate new opportunities, predict product sales, and request reviews with the most robust browser extension for Amazon.

But Jungle Scout can offer more than just product research and sales forecasting to sellers. It also has the ability to manage inventory, track sales and profits, automate review requests, multiple AI tools, and even API access.

Sellers can use Amazon’s numbers in search results as another way to validate one of their product ideas, but it doesn’t replace the other tools and insights provided by Jungle Scout.

We’ll continue to monitor Amazon’s numbers and how they impact your business.

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